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Welcome to Pixeltropia, a site dedicated to education in Digital Photography and Digital Imaging.

Workshops and Courses:

We have reoriented the focus of the pixeltropia workshops and courses and will now concentrate our efforts on the aesthetic, communicative and creative aspects of photography. Minimal attention will be given to teaching technical aspects of photography, except in certain workshops and in a very specialized manner.

Participants are required to have mastered the basic craft of photography and digital photo editing and have adequate photographic and computing equipment and software at their disposal in order to do the hands-on exercises in the workshops.

Please consult the workshop descriptions which are grouped in the following series:

              The Creative Eye
              Personal Vision
              Visual Narrative

We are also exploring the feasability of presenting these workshops on-line as webinars or web tutorials with assignments that would be sent back to us for appreciation and feedback. If this is a project that interests you, please send us an email.


Ottawa School of Art

For the Fall Session, we are offering a special workshop that is of special interest for artists, graphic artists, sculptors, collectors, architects, designers... anyone who wish to document their work and produce images for juries, submissions, portfolios, etc.

Participants will learn how to photograph 2D and 3D art and how to produce photographic books as portfolios, catalogues and art books.

Please consult the OSA Calendar, page 25.

Summer Workshop - the south of France

We are also looking into the possibility of presenting a workshop in the south of France in 2014. This project may also include a visit to the Photography Festival in Arles, France.

If this is a project that interests you, please send us an email.
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